In September 2020, the journal Opera historica is starting a completely new website which will provide an independent hosting for the journal, its back issues, and all the articles. Especially the back issues of the volume series from the 1990s are a treasure documenting the changes in early modern studies after the Velvet Revolution. The website will also provide a newsletter alert for readers interested in the history of early modern Europe (1500-1918). You may subscribe to it below. The newsletter will distribute alerts about events, conferences, anniversaries, but also the contributions for our blog. Why do we need one?

As the journal is published only twice a year, we have established also the Opera historica blog which will provide topical news and shorter texts about early modern studies more frequently. The aim of the blog is to maintain contact with our readers and exchange information between East Central Europe and the larger world.

Since our mission is to publicize early modern history, the issues that we may address in the Opera historica blog may include the following

  • Historical work related to anniversaries (e.g. in 2020 it may be the recent Czech historical works on the Bohemian rebellion 1618-1620, the Thirty Years War or the Counter-Reformation)
  • Alerts on historical resources or works on new topics related to topical issues (e.g. history of epidemies, which will be the topic of the theme issue OH 2020/2).
  • Alert on public issues related to early modern history in Bohemia (e.g. the new monument of Maria Theresia to be erected in Prague), or in Europe and Americas (e.g. the toppling of statues and attitudes to the early modern heritage and slavery).
  • Forthcoming events (e.g. the conference on the Bohemian Rebellion of 1618-1620 organized by the University of South Bohemia in September 2020)
  • Topical publications (e.g. the splendid book by Dan Edelstein on human rights in the 18th century discussed in the last issue of Opera historica 2020/1)
  • New or innovative websites with resources on early modern history
  • Alerts on articles from older issues of OH which may be topical again in new contexts

The editorial board of Opera historica hopes that other historians, experts on early modern age, will also contribute to this newsletter.

Posted on Sept. 15, 2020

Ivo Cerman (