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Pavel Králopera-2015-02-6-27
The End of the Marriage of Adam Pavel Slawata and Maria Margareta von Eggenberg


The study investigates the story of the dissolution of the marriage between Adam Pavel Slawata and the daughter of Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg. Based on this example the author examines the conditions of a legal dissolution of marriage according to the post-Tridentine canon law in the Catholic Bohemia. The author focuses on the legal procedure and arguments that were applied to achieve the dissolution (“annulation”) of this aristocratic marriage and investigates the impact of this scandal on the family´s reputation.

Stephan Wagneropera-2015-02-28-48
The Political Codex Project of Joseph II


Besides the codifications of private and criminal law also a separate code of public law was projected in Austria at the turn of the 18th to the 19th century, the so-called Political Codex (Politischer Kodex). According to the plans of Joseph von Sonnenfels it should cover the whole of public administration. The work started about 1780 and lasted with shorter and longer interruptions until 1818, but without final success. The article focuses on the early period of this project under Joseph II in the 1780s.

Ondřej Podavkaopera-2015-02-49-67
The Encyclopedia of Scholars from the Tetschen Region by Leopold Johann Scherschnik


The study examines the manuscript encyclopedia of scholars from the Tetschen region which was written by the famous representative of Late Enlightenment, Leopold Johann Scherschnik (1747-1814). The unusual encyclopedia originated in 1810. The study was triggered by the strong revival of interest in the genre historia litteraria which may be observed in the present-day Czech philology. The aim of the article is to contribute to a better understanding of this genre and its evolution between Baroque and Romanticism. Scherschik´s work is situated within the context of encyclopedical literature that was flourishing in Central Europe in the 18th century.

Monika Konrádová – Rostislav Smíšekopera-2015-02-68-89
Johann Christoph von Fragstein and his diplomatic mission to Russia 1657-1658. An Edition Project


In this study the authors present an edition project the aim of which is to publish documents pertaining to the diplomatic mission of Johann Christoph von Fragstein and Christoph Beuer von Binnen to Russia. The study seeks to justify the interest in diplomatic history. After that it presents the personality of Fragstein and his correspondence network. In conclusion the authors explain the significance of this material for the history of Russia.

Ivo Cerman – Michal Morawetzopera-2015-02-90-122
Der Entwurf zur Emporbringung der österreichischen Staaten (1772)


The study presents the edition of an important reform project which was written for Maria Theresa in 1772 during discussions on the Bohemian Famine. It explains in a systematic manner most of the Josephine reforms. The authorship is usually attributed to Franz Anton Blanc, sometimes to Joseph II. The introductory study asks whether Sonnenfels could have contributed to it as well.

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